Our identity

Pros-Consulte Group, is a young and dynamic entity for whom teamwork is crucial. We work in a caring, collaborative atmosphere, with the ambition of changing the codes governing psychological support and Tech in Brittany, a land of innovation.

Located in Brittany, in the seaside town of Larmor-Plage, we are particularly attached to our Breton identity and our values. Our subsidiaries located in London allow us to reach out to the English-speaking world. The objective: to offer our solutions in the international arena and make Pros-Consulte Group the world reference in Mental Health Tech for well-being!

Our story


2009: Jean-Pierre Camard and France Hétier wanted to start a project together which would allow them to reconcile a professional challenge with an ideal living environment, in Brittany. Their preferred medium to achieve this project: the Internet.

So, they decided to create the listening and psychological support platform for the public “jeconsulteunpsy.com” (See a psychologist.com in English) in the attic of the family home. Psychological support, by telephone and for the public, a motivating challenge.



At the same time in France, the DARCOS laws began to take effect: all companies with more than 1,000 employees had to enter into negotiations on workplace stress prevention. At that point, the idea of a listening and psychological support platform dedicated to employees was born. In 2010, the “Pros-Consulte” platform, dedicated to companies and public services was created. The first major historical client was signed up:   FAURECIA put its trust in the Pros-Consulte platform. Then Pros-Consulte won several large tender contracts: DIRA, CNAF, Service du Commissariat des Armées, Caisse des Dépots et Consignations. The following years saw the rollout of the listening platform in France leading to the passing of the “1-million employees supported” mark in 2015.


With the aim of giving better support to employees, Pros-Consulte added a new string to its bow and launched the intervention centre, whose mission was to send psychologists from the network to respond to emergency needs on site: crisis cells, conflict resolution support, analysis of practices, support groups. So, the decision was made to create a new centre: psychosocial prevention and risk management is now also implemented through our training courses, initially certified by VeriSelect, and then by Qualiopi in 2019. Pros-Consulte’s historical trades were well established and well defined, the online tools destined for users were being carefully honed. It was time to start up new projects.


In 2018, the teams had the idea of offering a new way of responding to psychological emergencies: the Geo-Psy application. The concept: to send a psychologist to a home or to a workplace, to the scene of an incident, within one hour. But the team didn’t stop there: what if we added videoconferencing, a chat line, telephone calls and an electronic diary? Yes, but to do all that, we would have to expand the workforce. The information technology/development centre created in 2018 was reinforced in order to cope with new projects and new developers arrived. And there were no shortage of new projects! How could we pursue all these projects without disturbing the operational teams?


The founders then had the idea of creating a research and development department, in collaboration with universities, consultancy firms and of expert advisors, to help make the group’s new projects a reality. In 2020, LabBretagne thus embarked upon a new software, developed around a comparative calculation algorithm, built on explicit rules of logic, which processes and analyses the data collected instantly, so as to pinpoint alert thresholds and identify the psychosocial factors to be addressed. A new way of dealing with the primary prevention of psychosocial risks in the workplace. In parallel, the Lab worked on the optimisation of Geo-Psy, on the addition of a department of social workers at Pros-Consulte, and on the television programme “Dans la Boîte” to showcase ideas from Breton landscape… and more.


It all began with the desire to create a start-up, and to be present on the web. More than a decade later, it is still the passion for new technologies that motivates the founders: but not at any cost.

With this in mind, Pros-Consulte Group started a new era in its development. Positioning itself in the Tech universe in the coming years, and exploiting the ideas of the new world. Technology for well-being, aiming to make life easier and support people in their daily lives, and above all not to replace them!


Our values

With more than 10 years’ experience in the field of psychological support and well-being in the workplace, more than 500 companies put their trust in us, and 5 million employees and public sector employees in France can count on our psychologists’ sympathetic ears 24/7, expertise is one of our fundamental pillars.

We are committed to offering a service of optimum quality, provided by qualified, motivated professional staff and partners.

It is upon this experience with private and public organisations in France and abroad, that we are building our knowledge and expertise. We use it as a springboard to find new innovative solutions so as to better understand and meet your needs.

We want to push the boundaries and chart new courses: that is why innovation is considered as a fundamental value at Pros-Consulte Group.

Our mission is to develop new, ever more efficient, more powerful and more ergonomic tools to make them ever easier to access for all. Whether to optimize our existing services, or for new tech projects combining algorithmic intelligence, artificial intelligence and blockchain.

Innovation is of course the specific domain of our R&D department. It is also embedded in the DNA of all our trademarks, both in their principles and in their image. We want to stay ahead, so as to develop better digital solutions designed to improve people’s well-being.

Because there is no expertise, or innovation without initiatives, well-being remains the driving force behind our strategy.

We pay great attention to human relations and take an active part in the training of our talents: continuous in-service training of our employees and psychologists is one of the bedrocks of the Group.

Taking our partners, their opinions and their aspirations into consideration is one of our main concerns.

In our group, the aim of digital technology is to place well-being at the centre of all projects. Nothing takes its place: we imagine solutions to facilitate the care and well-being of human beings, to help them grow.

Our commitments

Psychological support

By the creation of a listening platform accessible 24/7 and visible in real time, our founders gave a commitment, more than 10 years ago already, to make psychological support accessible to all. 

Today, giving easier access to psychological support all over France is one of our ambitions and we are engaged in a constant search to develop new tools to facilitate access to them.

Thanks to our experience in the field in France and in the United Kingdom, we know that psychological support has a central place in the quality of working life and workplace health policies. An essential lever of competitiveness in companies, workplace well-being, team building and the psychological care of employees must continue to be developed. 

Pros-Consulte Group undertakes through its brands to change mentalities and push back the boundaries within organisations and make psychological support automatic.


Because consumer habits and methods are changing at incredible speed, Pros-Consulte Group invested in a research and development department. Its objective: to develop new tools to develop its trademarks and anticipate the needs of a rapidly growing market

« Our first step towards R&D took place when we created our Geo-Psy application (France and UK). Integrating developers at the company’s head office enabled us to be more responsive and above all to create a tool consistent with our image.

Moreover, centralising and managing our development centre independently opened doors to new projects and technologies, where access had previously been limited. 

At present, this department named LabBretagne, is working on algorithmic intelligence, artificial intelligence, Blockchain and will allow Pros-Consulte Group to enter into France’s digital landscape.»

Jean-Pierre CAMARD, Chairman of Pros-Consulte Group

Connected health

What is connected health or e-health?

WHO (World Health Organisation) provides the following definition: “The combined use of the Internet and information technologies for clinical, educational and administrative purposes, locally and remotely’’.

Our commitment: to combine mental health and digital health by putting the individual at the heart of connected health. How? By facilitating relations between people and psychologists. 

Our ambition is to support companies and psychologists in undertaking the digital transition, by creating ergonomic, user friendly digital tools and solutions and facilitating instant high quality relations.