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A listening and psychological support platform, on-site interventions, certified training courses in psychosocial risk prevention and management, a pre-psychosocial risk audit primary prevention service.

Creation date : 2009

The leading listening and psychological support platform in France, Pros-Consulte supports you in your quality of working life and workplace well-being improvement strategy.

Enhancing your organisation’s performance through a global strategy for psychosocial risk prevention using our different levers of action.

Our support method is the result of a trade analysis and our constant contact with the work environment. We offer a personalised solution based on an approved global strategy.



Home consultations, all over France

Creation date: 2018

What if digital tools were made available (website and application) to allow psychological support for all? This question led to the creation of Geo-Psy, who offer their services via a network of more than 500 psychologists throughout France. In 4 clicks, find the psychologist who will travel to your home to provide quick, quality psychological care!


Interventions for public services and crisis cells throughout France within one hour

Creation date: 2018

An emergency psychologist to support your staff after a tragedy, an accident or a conflict: this is Geo Psy Pro’s promise. Crisis cells, personal interviews, support groups… our psychologists intervene quickly on site to defuse a delicate situation, establish a dialogue, help transform a traumatic event into an acceptable memory.


LabBretagne is a research and development unit designed to improve our services and also explore new horizons: Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Algorithmic Intelligence.

Pros-Consulte Group’s “LabBretagne” enables us to observe and develop in an ever changing market. It allows the company to gain a long-term view, to respond to societal needs and to open up markets, with one main concern: recreating links via digital solutions.



The UK subsidiary offering a listening and psychological support platform for the public.

Creation date : 2016

Since psychological support is more prevalent in English-speaking countries than in France, it was logical to explore and develop this market in the UK. As they were aware of high demand for psychological support from the public in the United Kingdom, in 2016 the founders created Instant Counselling, a listening and psychological support platform available 24/7 to meet this need. Instant Counselling now covers the international English-speaking market and receives calls from the United States, Australia and the Middle East!


The UK subsidiary offering a listening and psychological support platform for the public.

Creation date : 2016

Created in 2016, the UK subsidiary Pro-Counselling is a listening and psychological support platform for company employees in the United Kingdom.